What’s Good & Right in this World?

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Affirmations For Success – Be Inspired..!!

The mental law of correspondence says that our  outer world is a reflection of our inner world.  By  focusing on the traits and characteristics we would like to have, we begin immediately to attract them  into our life. Affirmations are a great way to keep  our minds focused and our thoughts positive. As Claude Bristol says, "It's the…… Continue reading Affirmations For Success – Be Inspired..!!

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Sunday Morning Affirmation

AAAMMAAZZING list of positivitea~ You tell yourself what you want to believe, and you'll eventually come to believe it. Happy Sunday > Positive Affirmations https://empress2inspire.wordpress.com/2019/02/17/happy-sunday-positive-affirmations/ — Read on empress2inspire.wordpress.com/2019/02/17/happy-sunday-positive-affirmations/

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Weekend Writing Prompt #93

Check out Sammi Cox’ Weekend Writing Prompts by clicking on the image above. Her truth preyed on her existence. Despite all efforts, her life has become monotonous monotones and irritating interactions. Nothing felt "normal". Nothing felt fulfilling. She was "elsewhere" in her soul. Today, she felt the blanket lift. There's a greater sense of ease… Continue reading Weekend Writing Prompt #93

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157+ Thoughtfully Stress Quotes to Help You Relax

157+ Thoughtfully Stress Quotes to Help You Relax https://bayart.org/stress-quotes/ — Read on bayart.org/stress-quotes/ Find your sense of peace 🙌🏼🙏🏼🍀

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#3. Your day in ten words. Blessed, Thursday, Cleveland, Midnight, Early, January, Enriched, Calm, Quite, Peaceful It's early here (12:02 am), so those of you East of the US, how's your day going? Later on, I'd love to hear from my mid-West American readers! #commentbelow 10 words to describe your day

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Love is Love, no matter which way you say it💚

How we recognize love influences our relationships. There's five different love languages, and each one is ok. The common denominator is that they all say the same: I love you in ways other than using those words. Taken from Thought Catalog, here are fifty alternatives for I love you. May these help you recognize love… Continue reading Love is Love, no matter which way you say it💚

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Joy Today

What has brought you joy today? What made you smile and/or laugh? What made your heart feel lighter or that God sent just for you? Please comment your answer below if you'd like to participate.  My Joy today :        Delicious pumpkin pie.Conversations with friends.InstagramDecluttered kitchenColoring There's nothing like a good piece of… Continue reading Joy Today

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Credit attachedI'm in a new season of life. I don't feel strong; I don't feel emotionally capable of sounding ok or writing about all the positivity I have been. The very idea of positivity sounds patronizing to me right now.... But I'm just hurting.... And with hurt comes grief and anger. What's going on? I'm… Continue reading Walking

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Habla en Español #6

Now, I'm going to move on to some basic sentences. Spanish: Ella es una mujer. English: She is a woman. Spanish: Tú eres un niño. English: You are a boy. Spanish: Comes manzanas. English: You eat apples. Spanish: Tú eres hombre. English: You are a man. Spanish: Usted es una mujer. English: You are a woman. Featured… Continue reading Habla en Español #6

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#FOWC: Center

" I believe, in the center of it all, all that lives, all that grieves, and all that matters... In the center of all the hate, the unexpected blessings, and the prayers unanswered.., in the sunrises and early birds' song, in the second guessing, second chances, and second half of life...love is all one sees.… Continue reading #FOWC: Center