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List taken from this website:D National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 Crisis text line Text HOME to 741741 US Trans lifeline (877) 330-6366 SAMHSA Treatment Referral Helpline 1‑877‑SAMHSA7 (1‑877‑726‑4727) Adolescent Suicide Hotline 800-621-4000 Adolescent Crisis Intervention & Counseling Nineline 1-800-999-9999 AIDS National Hotline 1-800-342-2437 CHADD-Children & Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 1-800-233-4050 Child Abuse… Continue reading Hotlines

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🌟Blog Spotlight 🌟 Saturday

Hi ya'll:D I find some pages that are gold mines. They have a wealth of information/suggestions that literally makes me feel like it's a true gift. That being said, I'm starting a section of my blog to share such treasures with you 🙂 I love every single blog I read, so please don't feel I… Continue reading 🌟Blog Spotlight 🌟 Saturday

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Good Night ✨ Good Morning 🌺 Good early afternoon 😛💚 Good Evening 🌟 Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, I hope in this few brief seconds, you feel the blessings being prayed over you. May your day be wonderful, and your night restful! May that first pot of coffee taste amazing, and you feel refreshed… Continue reading Namasté🕉️🙏🏼

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#FF: Hiding

Photo Credit Link AttachedThe SugarRush Mini Mall was perfect. Church had recently ended, and the area was packed. Christopher hated crowds; but, today was different. Here he could easily hide, then run from the cops! Under poor conditions last night, he decided to go egg Mr. Folger's house. Being young means being stupid sometimes." he… Continue reading #FF: Hiding


Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

@earth.superior (@make_repost) ・・・ 🌎 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland 🏆 Congrats @kardinalmelon! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🔥 Follow ➡ @earth.superior 💎 Tag ➡ #earth_superior 📨 Email ➡ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #mountainview#swissmountainview#exploretheworld #loves_switzerland #zurich#berna #inlovewithswitzerland #autumnvibes #autumn🍁#travelpic#switzerland_vacation #wengen #travelawesome#amazingview #autunno #splendid_earth#visitswitzerland #schweiz #lauterbrunnen#Switzerland#switzerland🇨🇭 Wow!!! 😍😍😍😍 View on Instagram

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Little Humor

I've had lots of thought about drug use (perscription), their impact on the human brain and behavior, drug abuse and addiction, and the truth about the power of American pharmaceutical companies today. With that being said, this made me chuckle when I saw it... Because it's true of me😂😂😂😂 Anyone else want to admit it… Continue reading Little Humor

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#CFFC Places People Visit #4

These are AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!!!!! Since discovering the shop Peace, Love, and Little Donuts, my girls and I have made several memorial trips. Every single donut is freshly baked when they open. The decorating is done, at the time of a customer's request, right in front of them. Visit them on Facebook On Instagram, On in… Continue reading #CFFC Places People Visit #4

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#FOWC: The Grand Balcony

Perhaps this large marble opening is used for dinners, by the elite, Socials, dances, and fancy dishes with expensive, exotic, treats. The prestigious population, flaunting all their silver and priceless gold, Life of endless luxury, but deeply lonely, truth be told. Husbands go to the golf club, wives have brunch with friends, Smiles and casual… Continue reading #FOWC: The Grand Balcony

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Daily Writing Challenge Mixture

" It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark!" Michael sings. Maybe so, but, trust me, thats just the beginning! Who am I, you ask? I am Phelsador, the alley cat. I sit upon this nice, warm, and thick outstretched tree branch as the people below bellow about goblins and ghouls. They… Continue reading Daily Writing Challenge Mixture

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#WAD: No Caption

Sometimes, there simply aren't sufficient words to describe the cherish of a moment. Sometimes, there aren't words that would best explain the significance of a sister. Sometimes, there's no need for words... No caption... No talking. Just love, smiles, and laughter. ~Nova   The Daily Addiction Challenge can be found here:)

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The Store of Lost Dreams

The Past Memories thrift shop sat on the corner of Elm and Maple and has been owned and operated by Mr. J. Franklin and his wife for more than fifty years. People come in and out all day buying and selling their hopes and dreams. It is a cozy little shop filled with... trinkets and… Continue reading The Store of Lost Dreams

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ABC to Destination Excellence

Accept your whole self. Begin every morning with positive affirmatives. Create a self care kit. Draw open those curtains and windows. Export personal information into a journal for self reflection. Finish one unfavorable task today. Gift a stranger with a random act of kindness. Heal some pain with laughter. Inspire others by writing a personal… Continue reading ABC to Destination Excellence

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Freebies | Blessing Manifesting

A huge collection of free downloads to help you in your self love and self care journey! Find your inner goddess and love yourself! — Read on Free is awesome! Things to help me with my mental health is terrific! I'm signed up for this newsletter and other goodies!

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#FOWC: Symbolism

Look at the clouds! My personal storm has felt like that all day today. Dark, angry, fierce, and not moving out any time soon. It's crazy, if I didn't know better, I'd think INFJs could affect the weather. I know that sounds crazy; but, I do wonder. Thankfully, the silver lining is that it didn't… Continue reading #FOWC: Symbolism

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#WAD: Grace

Photo Prompt Credit attached to photo “...I often wondered just how far back my girls - or any of us - would have to trace to stop the flow of regrets. 'If we hadn't let our guard down...,' one might confess. But history no doubt contained many pages before that moment. Leaving thoughts unchecked. Challenging… Continue reading #WAD: Grace

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Daily Writing Challenge: (3TC)

Daily Writing Challenge hosted by The Haunted Wordsmith 3TC: hope, love, lost This word combination is ironically the entire purpose of living... Hope is that which we want. It's belief in something yet to happen, but that we feel can and will happen... A great job, an answered prayer for a loved one, a passing… Continue reading Daily Writing Challenge: (3TC)

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Daily Writing Challenge #14

Daily Writing Challenge #14 — Read on I love this challenge because it's providing a selection of entry options. Having given so, it opens the door to so many more writers. Kudos rewarded✨!

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Self Care Kit💜

This is an AWESOME suggestion: A kit ready and packed with all kinds of goodies to rescue you from a meltdown, anxiety attack, bad mood, or crappy day. When the kids have used up your patience, the phone finally quits ringing, and you can sit for a few minutes, this kit will refocus your mind… Continue reading Self Care Kit💜

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Community Unity

The old stone cottage has withstood the test of time. It's also become the life insurance of Switzerland's winter months. Communities of  families will use such a place for bulk food storage.  It's perfect for such use because of its size and the stone structure. Here in Switzerland, the winter temperature could drop as low as zero degrees… Continue reading Community Unity

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Slide Up

View on Instagram She's so difficult to be serious with sometimes because she's so stinking cute😁🧡 She laughs because she knows it too😂 . . . Doing what we do; waiting on Sissy to finish the school day. . . . #October #toddlersofinstagram #autumn #toddlerlife #cutie #sweetpea #autumncolors #cle #thisiscle #friday #fridayfun #slides #goingupslides

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Signs & Symptoms

Just as with other illness, prevention is key! To keep a cold away, doctors recommend individuals wash hands, keep hands away from the mouth, cover a sneeze or cough with an elbow or tissue. Occasionally, we miss something though. Before long, someone in the family is feverish, grumpy with no appetite. The symptoms were there,… Continue reading Signs & Symptoms

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#FOWC: Castle

Every year, during the first full week of October, the castle, on the hill, begins its annual ritual. First, the small path through the forest, that outlines the west side of town, becomes overthrown with thistles and thorns. The air grows thick, with a faint stench of burned flesh. It's suffocating! Adventurers have attempted to… Continue reading #FOWC: Castle

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#FOWC: Beard Fun

Inspired by FOWC: Beard I have just found my "wow" for the day! You guys ready for this? Brace yourselves.... View this post on Instagram If we could all learn to love each other, even in the face of our differences, perhaps we’d realize that deep down, we’re all just the same... Portland, that was… Continue reading #FOWC: Beard Fun

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#CFFC Tuesday #3

Theme: Things people play with  ANIMAL PUPPETS This is a free play area for kids at one of many Metro Parks in Cleveland. These puppets are awaiting kids at Rocky River Nature Center, along with blocks, a huge turtle shell, fish to view, and more. Cleveland has really impressed me with how well kept they've… Continue reading #CFFC Tuesday #3

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#FOWC: Beard ~ Wednesday

The beard adds years to his life. He spends nearly two decades waiting for the "masculine maturity". After some time, one day, he wakes up and there they are, the grungy rough edges of stubs. Day by day they grow, oh how he is so proud. They shape his jawbone, creating a deeper handsome character… Continue reading #FOWC: Beard ~ Wednesday

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Common Mental Disorders

The National Alliance on Mental Health defines a "mental illness" as: a condition that affects a person's thinking, feeling, or mood []. Such illnesses include: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Anxiety Disorders Generalized Anxiety Disorder Social Anxiety Disorder Panic Disorder Phobias A.) Related conditions Depression Substance Use Eating Disorders Trouble sleeping 3. Autism 4. Bipolar Disorder… Continue reading Common Mental Disorders

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Low Serotonin Symptoms

Photo Credit attached to photo Sleep is so important for good overall health. Serotonin is the chemical in the body that helps us do that. If we don't get an adequate amount, the change will ultimately begin effecting the rest of our system. This poster came from the following website. There's much more insightful information… Continue reading Low Serotonin Symptoms


26 Questions

There's a blogger of which I am certain will be someone I always remember. She's just a soul that blends well with mine, and I'm grateful to have come accross her page. One post she has,  is entitled " 26 Questions." Now, I'm fully aware that I wasn't  tagged as a chosen one to fill… Continue reading 26 Questions

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#WAD: Solitary

This word brings a number of thoughts to my mind. Solitary confinement. This was a place used in one of my favorite movies and TV series. The unfortunate decay of sanity in isolation is rather disturbing to me, though. I do believe humans need one another to survive. The struggle of solitary confinement emphasizes the… Continue reading #WAD: Solitary


This vs That

You know what I love about theory? It can be proven to be truth, by some tangible evidence. Likewise, it can be debunked by tangible evidence. Trial and error produces results that either support or debunk a theory. In the case of spirituality, though truth relies on personal beliefs for the majority, the same CAN… Continue reading This vs That

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Fabulously Female

She was strong enough to lift other women up. She was kind enough to help other women in need. She was brave enough to defend other defenseless women. She was humble enough to appreciate elderly woman. She was patient enough to guide younger women. She was pleasant enough to teach trouble women. She was mature… Continue reading Fabulously Female

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#FOWC: Refuge: Apparent: Immense

I met him on a dating app, Badoo (Premium). A paid monthly membership's, not only, provides additional features, but also, increases the likelihood of positive results. {Or at least that's my train to thought!} He had the gorgeous black curls, with the perfect complimentary brown eyes. He was polite and asked me to join him… Continue reading #FOWC: Refuge: Apparent: Immense