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Evening Plan is a Morning Goal

Photo taken from Pinterest I’m working on myself. I’m always doing it. Sometimes it’s easier to discern lies from truths... but, sometimes insecurity and comparison compete for my attention. None the less, I’m still trying. It’s a life-long process. I hope you love yourself enough to begin the unlearning. LOVE & LIGHT Nova Namastè


A lot of bad things can happen to you, but you do get to choose how they impact your life

💖💚💛 A lot of bad things can happen to you, but you do get to choose how they impact your life — Read on


Happy Thanksgiving Canada

I just wanted to take a minute and wish all my Canadian readers a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with your family and loved ones, eat tons of food, and remember you are loved. For certain, I'm so grateful for so many of you above become dear to me. Photo Credit Pinterest With Love and… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving Canada


Guh! FINALLY, the weekend.

From start to finish, today was horrible! I'm so glad it's over. I'm glad this week is over. It started off with pms and two sick kids. It's ended with my sweetheart in the hospital for testing. My anxiety has been a pain in my chest. My sleep has been shit. I'm utterly exhausted and… Continue reading Guh! FINALLY, the weekend.


This chef and humanitarian has served more than 300,00 free meals in the Bahamas

What a heartwarming story from such a tragic disaster. Jose Andres, the chef known for feeding victims of natural disasters is serving thousands of free meals in the Bahamas which was hit by Hurricane Dorian. — Read on