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Haiku: Winning



Here’s another round

Going through another round of anxiety & depression. I'm exhausted. I'm sad. I'm not ok. I doubt nearly everything said to me. Every " uncontrollable and unintentional" misfortune feels like salt to the wound... Every asshole move from anyone feels as if it's intentionally meant to carve into my soul deeper.



Sometimes, out of no where, tears weld up... and fall like rain... a monsoon.... what causes it? To be honest, I have no freaking idea... it’s sadness, though.... truly soul shaking grief. I am tired of feeling like this, though. It appears my antidepressants aren’t even helping. I don’t know... Once again, I’m feeling so… Continue reading Drowning


The Freest People

This is Writing Prompt #28, by the lovely Sarah Elizabeth Moore! You can read more about it here 🤗 {And Sarah, it's likely I've posted this too late. I apologize!} The Freest People On Earth are those who accept their fate, and get busy living! Apologies are verbalized. Tasks are completed. Places are visited. Words… Continue reading The Freest People