Over It

So, my daughter’s teacher and I agree, this week has been nasty!!

Everyone, from personal life friends and family, to outside familiarities, such as her clients, and my daughter’s school has been (biggest and fattest) “OVER IT!!”… this week.

I’ve argued with a horrible teacher at the school. I missed the memo that yesterday they had a Valentine’s Day party (so Zivah didn’t have anything to give out! I’m worst mom of the year.) This morning, I missed the even bigger memo that she didn’t even have school today. Sitting in front of the school, I’m wondering where all the drop off students were🤦🏼‍♀️

My youngest has been whining all day. She’s trying to feel better, I’m not sure what’s going on with her today. Zivah and she are always fighting when they’re home:( It’s killer toxic for my high sensitivity and need for quiet alone time.

I need my boyfriend to come home. This personal business is what’s kept me away from blogging. He’s been having testing done in Missouri since the 24th of January. I haven’t seen him or have heard his voice since. It’s been heartbreaking and frustrating and so painful. He’ll be home soon, and right now I just want to be held.

I’m exhausted. My bed top mattress needs changed. Fun, huh… Laying on springs. Guh!!! It’s literally so painful. I toss and turn all night, almost every night.

Yeah, so it’s fuck it and fuck off Friday. Tomorrow, I’m not doing anything but soaking in a bubble bath, make up, feel good pampering and spicing up texts to my man.

Fuque</3 💔 Is anyone able to relate?

12 thoughts on “Over It

  1. I can relate.

    I’ve been home with both boys all week (and more than likely next week too) because we fell behind on daycare tuition, I’m a caregiver and can’t work my day shift cases (now, no one needs night shift cases go figure)…my oldest is a handful,😥 my baby just wants to be held all day😣. By God’s Grace is what’s keeping me moving.

    Tomorrow will be better, Nova💙

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