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Planning the Unwritten

What do you dream about? What do you wish? Or do you at all? What touches your heart, and reminds you of your fragile mortality?

When I meet people, usually online but in any way none the less, these are the kinds of questions I want to ask.

I want to know what’s been your biggest hurdle in life, and what knocked you completely down? What did you overcome when you couldn’t see past your pain… Or fear? What did you see in yourself when the Towers fell… And when Hurricane Katrina wiped out so much of Louisiana?

No, my thinking isn’t traditional, nor will I ever wish it to be. This one life, why we walking around with “How you doin?” 🤔🤔

There’s a million facts about cultures I’ve yet to learn, and people who could teach me. There’s a reality different as night is to day… From one person to the next. Experience is our teacher and our testimony to inspire others.

Isolated isn’t how we were meant to live. Jaded isn’t how we were created. Distant and no socialization throws us into a negative aura that has potential to break us.

We really need one another. We really should rely on one another… And talk to one another. Even here, beyond our fictional characters and made up stories… We are people who are trying our best with this challenge called life.

Human contact… genuine interest… Initiative outreach… Loving concern… Deeper questions… Alittle extra time to converse… Active listening… Reflective listening… checking in… Making the first move… Voicing appreciation, admiration, or gratitude. Complimenting a stranger, buying someone coffee, holding a door open, offering a helping hand.

We’ve grown so pissed off that there’s another human being ever within 100 yards of ourselves. I want to dig into your thoughts and discover what you believe. I want to know who inspires you, and what you love doing. I want to know your goals for the week, or which song has recently become “your gam”….

Life’s so short; let’s spend it doing things that’ll make a difference.

4 thoughts on “Planning the Unwritten

  1. I lived like a child until my mid 40s when my ex decided he wanted to shed the responsibilities of husband and father. I had to finally grow up then. It was scary! But I did it.



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