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#FF: “Sense”ational

Photo Prompt Credit : Sandra Crook

Paisley was the light of Patricia’s life! She was positive and cheerful, loved everyone, and enjoyed life. Patricia always said Paisley could accomplish anything, despite her Down Syndrome.

As Paisley’s 16th birthday approached, Patricia decided a beach theme would be perfect. It was her favorite escape in the area.

On a single table, Patricia laid several genuine beach relics. These were memorabilia  of when she and her mother visited Sunset Shore! Patricia smiled at her special arrangement. It’s but bittersweet acceptance to pass it down to the next generation.

Check out Rochelle Wisoff’s Friday Fictioneers Challenge Here:D

Bittersweet acceptance of her daughter growing up.

Bittersweet acceptance of these possessions no longer hers.

Bittersweet acceptance that her mother is gone.

Bittersweet acceptance that time doesn’t stand still.

15 thoughts on “#FF: “Sense”ational

        1. Because I tend to worry about other perceptions, regardless of they influence my decisions toward anything. To comment on your response, acceptance is the only. That’s how we live our truest lives.

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        2. Well don’t you worry. What I meant was, in order to find happiness and peace, one must accept the gifts/challenges we are given. If we don’t, we waste our time with what ifs and why mes and such.

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        3. I’m blessed to have had this conversation with you. It sparked a fire of intriguing thoughts in my mind, coupled with a recent other conversation I had this evening. So, I need to say thank you ☺️🐢

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  1. I am sure that Paisley will love the gift and the heart behind it. What a lovely write about the coming of age and the passing on of life to the next generation.

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