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Suicide Awareness Month #1

Sadly, the Suicide rate has rapidly increased from 1999 to 2016 (the most recent year on record).

This photo has been taken from Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

In Ohio, within this seven year period, the rate increased by 36%!! That’s terrifying ~

My husband is in the statics. He died in 2014.

When he died, I knew I had to take my free time and advocate for Mental Health. David was a man who could take on an army, with his bare hands. He knew no fear, and no fear prevented him from doing life. He worked harder, gave endlessly, and left his legacy of kindness. 

The invisibility of his wounds darkened his life. It prevented others from seeing his desperation; although, sometimes, loved ones can see through it. This situation taught me how real and influential words are in life. It’s also shown me how important it is for humans to nurture  mental health. 

6 thoughts on “Suicide Awareness Month #1

  1. I’m so sorry. The Mental illness stigma needs to be changed, I know the numbers don’t lie, but I think we’re hearing more and more about mental illness than we were before. It’s something that shouldn’t come with shame or guilt, and anyone who even thinks they maybe having a problem should feel free enough to confide in someone to let them know, they need help!

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      1. Yes! Prevention is key, I agree! I was ashamed and couldn’t gather the courage to speak to my husband. My neurologist gave me the courage to speak up when he said, with your condition comes depression, and asked, how I was feeling, I said horrible. He said, I recommend you begin therapy. When I family told my husband, he was so supportive, never judged and to this day, encourages me to go to my therapy sessions. Family is supportive!

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        1. You’re blessed sweet lady. Not all families have support from other members like you have there. Growing up, I battled depression for four years. It wasn’t until after some extreme changes and my sister handing my diaries to my mother and father did they finally see how upset I was. It was too late for them to help me. I think families should be supportive and encouraging. We’re all human after all.

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        2. I think we just need enough courage and faith to know that we can speak up. It’s never too late! You can always, at any time deal help, seal the therapy, the medicine, that you need, that your doctors recommend to handle your specific needs. I started seeing my therapist last year, after 9 years of marriage and 6 kids in, whatever the circumstance, no matter the age, of you need help, you can have the help.
          You are blessed too! 😊🙏🏽

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