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Tell Me Your Story

1533044115114I want to learn about my followers, and anyone who’d like to share:) If any certain number pertains to you, please list it in numerical order in a comment below. Thanks:)

2 thoughts on “Tell Me Your Story

  1. Wow! So few of these pertain to me. My husband has been shot at unfortunately. We lived in a neighborhood after my first child where some guys did a drive by on the neighbor across the street while my husband was outside. He dove in the bushes but we later saw a bullet hole in his car as well which means they also fired his direction. (We moved within the month.) Everyone has a secret that no one knows. And there was one more that we shared but I cannot presently remember it.

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    1. It’s great to know more about you:) Thank you for sharing! I can’t imagine knowing I was in fact had bullets flying in my direction that one hit my car. I’m thankful he was ok!

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